Migraine is a headache which affects either left side or right side of the head.Sometimes, there is also a nausea and vomiting.

Eye strain,shock,grief,worry,gastro-intestinal irregularities,anger,fear,love,jealousy and re-morse may cause the migraine headache. Arterio-Sclerosis and disturbances of vaso-motor nervous system are the organs most frequently accused and sometimes prove to be a cause.

Severe headache in either left or right side of the head,nausea and bilious vomiting,blurred vision,flashes of light and memory, numbness,face may become scarlet red,relieved by vomiting in some cases.

Sangunaria-30 should be taken for 30-45 days to cure right sided headache and for left sided headache it is Spigelia-30. Before taking this dose  one dose of Sulphur-30 must be taken in the morning.This proves effective for curing the migraine headache.

  Take 200ml of coconut oil with 100gms of ginger paste. This is mixed and then allowed to boil until the vapour escapes from it.Allow it to cool and filter the mixture and keep the oil in the bottle.The oil thus prepared is to be applied on the head.After 1 hour take a bath with warm water.This treatment will help you relieve from migraine headache if done regularly.
   Have a ginger tea daily,it will also give a cure for migraine heache.

   The following points must be pressed by index finger for 21 times in the manner press and release.The points are Li-4, P-6, Gb-20, Ex-1,Du-20.


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