In ancient days  saints and sages lead a long and healthy life because as they practised yogasanas and mudras. By doing yogasanas, we will have a healthy and long life . Mudras are  very simple exercises that are done by action with fingers .There are certain  yogasanas and mudras for controlling diabetes.    


1.Lie on the yoga mat facing downwards.
2.Hold the ankles with two hands by bending the legs backwards as shown in the  figure.
3.The body will look like a bow. when you bend the body you should inhale.Bend the body by resting on the abdomen with the spine arched.
4.This pose is to be maintained for few seconds 
5.Return to the starting position by exhaling the air 
6.Repeat this for 5-6 times.
This asana will enhance the function of pancreas and also it stimulates the beta cells to secrete optimum amount of insulin.


  1. Lay down on a yoga mat facing downwards.
  2. Bring both of your hands to the either side of your chest.
  3. With the support of your hands, bend your upper half of the body laying your hip and legs on the ground and raise your head backwards as illustrated in the picture.
  4. While raising your head inhale and maintain this posture for few seconds.
  5. Exhale the air and return the normal position.
  6. Repeat this 5-6 times.
This will help to control the blood sugar level and it enhances the function of pancreas and spinal cord.


  1. Sit on a yoga mat normally.
  2. Bend your middle and ring finger towards the thumb and place those fingers on the top of the thumb as shown in the figure.
  3. Keep those remaining fingers (index and small finger) is kept pointing upwards.
  4. Do this mudra on both the hands for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Concentrate wholly on the mudra.
This will help control diabetes, reduces kidney diseases, clears urinary problem and it enhances the pancreas function.

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