Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!

Laughter is one of the best boons given by the god to man.Laughter is the unique feature given to man alone.According to a old saying “Laughter is the best medicine”,laughter can prevent and cure any disease and keeps you feel happy.Laughter is a best exercise for the internal organs,this refreshes the internal organs and the whole body and helps it to work properly.Clapping your hands while laughing will activate the accupressure reflexology points which stimulates the internal organs like liver,pancreas,etc.,  

Laughter helps to forget your grieves and feel happy.This is the best medicine for depression and stress.It enhances the communication with the people and enriches the relationships and diffuse the conflicts.Laughing knowing or unknowingly increases the life expectancy and also the joy and enthusiasm.In today’s stressful world, we need to laugh more to relieve from the problems that we face.This helps in better supply of oxygen to the lungs.Laughter helps to prevent heart attack.Whenever hearing jokes,if burst out to laugh, the cells in our body gets refreshed.

Laughter Therapy

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