The best memory inducer

 Have you heard about medicinal value of vallarai herb? well it is otherwise known as brahmi . It is available in the vegetable market.This herb can grow in moderate temperate region.This leaves are used to cure many diseases in siddha , ayurveda and natural treatments.It helps to treat the irregular menstrual cycle,nerves problem,diabetic ,skin related  problems, stomach related problems,brain related problems.
                        Add vallarai keerai in your diet for weekly 3 to 4 days this will help to boost the memory power naturally.The leaves are rich in minerals like calcium and iron. ‘asiyatic cosite’ is a main element in brahmi leaves ,which is used to cure leprosy and continues cough . It is also having vitamin c . This will help to increase the immunity Power.
   you can take this in the form of fresh juice,soup,salads,chuttny, sambar, koottu, vallarai tea . vallarai legium, vallarai powder,vallarai capsules,vallarai candy, are available in herbal and ayurvedic medical shops.


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