One of the first plants grown by man…

The common fig tree is grown for its edible fruit throughout the temperate world.This was first cultivated in Egypt and is one of the known ancient food.The fig fruit can be eaten fresh or dry.This is commonly available in dried form as it cannot be stored for long days as raw because of its perishable nature.The raw fruit is soft,sweet,pulpy,juicy and delicious fruit full of small seeds that promotes health.Dried figs are richest source of calcium,potassium,magnesium,copper,dietary fiber,vitamin K and smaller amount of many other nutrients.This increases the blood plasma’s antioxidant capacity using its antioxidant property.Vitamin K is the coagulation vitamin which decides the coagulation time of blood, as fig has Vitamin K in it, this improves coagulation of blood.It regulates the blood pressure and protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases.This prevents weakening of bones and also renal diseases.Even though this is sweet, diabetic,heart and BP patients can add this to their diet daily in spite of  its medicinal value.This strengthens the nerves.This can be taken in the form of jams and fruit salads also.

dried fig
fig tree



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