The Nectar of Immortality


Honey is one of the splendid gifts to mankind. It is a sweet,highly palatable,semi-translucent liquid of a light yellowish-brown color. It is made by bees using nectar from flowers. It possess unique nutritional and medicinal value. It is mainly a good preservative and its anti-bacterial hence it prohibits the growth of harmful microorganisms. Being hygroscopic,when skin and hair is treated with this,this traps moisture leaving skin soft and supple,and hair glossy and healthy. Honey is natural cure for diarrhea,stomach related problems,sore-throats,coughs,anemia,skin rejuvenation,insomnia,for wounds and cuts. Its anti-inflammatory action reduces the swelling and pain. This is a good disinfecting agent which kills the germs and heals the wounds. It is golden liquid which is better substitute for sugar.


Raw honey can be used with breads and fruits. When added with ginger and lemon juice it cures nausea and indigestion. It is an anti-cancer. It boosts the immunity system. It has an anti-oxidant property. In spite of containing 79% of carbohydrates, it is far good than the ordinary sugar,making it suitable for people of all ages. It promotes the production of RBC’s that help you to relieve from anemia.
Honey is surely one of the best foods that when taken regularly keeps us very healthy and can lead a long life.

Vazhga Valamudan

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