Heart’s Best Friend

Olive oil is the heart’s best friend. It is obtained from olive fruit by mechanical grinding and by extracting by mechanical and chemical means. This is widely used allover the world in cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lubrication and soaps. It constitutes omega-3 fatty acids,omega-6 fatty acids like Oleic acid, linoleic acid , palmitic acid, stearic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, many minerals, vitamin-E and K. Being a high concentrate of mono unsaturated fatty acids, it promotes the HDL cholesterol and lowers the LDL cholesterol thus reducing the chances of getting coronary heart diseases. It is a chemo-preventive agent for peptic and gastric ulcers.It prevents gall stones.It prevents cancer by affecting the oxidative damage to DNA and RNA revealing a possible carcinogenic factor using its anti-oxidant property. It is used as a home remedy for skin problems and for massaging kids and toddlers. 
If we take Olive oil regularly, 
  • it reduces the anger
  • it enhances the mood to be cheerful
  • it kills the laziness
  • it gives shine to the skin and makes it look youthful free from wrinkles 
  • it frees us from heart diseases
  • it increases the life expectancy

So, I insist in using olive oil instead of other oils.

Olive Oil

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