Guava is a fruit ,it has numerous health benefits, easily available in anywhere at cheap cost.It is an evergreen tropical shrub or small tree. Guavas are cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries.The botanical name of this fruit is ”Psidium guajava”.It may be round,ovoid or pear shaped.The fruit is soft when ripe with sweet musky aroma and creamy in texture.Flesh  of this fruit is varies in colors may be pink ,white,yellow or red.. contains numerous tiny ,semi hard edible seeds.It is a excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C.Very good source of vitamin A,flavonoids like betacarotene,lycopene,lutein,ctyptoxanthin ,folic acid, potassium and dietary fibers .Moderate source of B-complex vitamin such as niacin,phyridoxine,pantothethic acid,vitamin E and K.Minerals like magnesium,copper,and manganese.It is a low calorie fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.

-It regulates the blood pressure with its potassium content.
-It protect against cancer because of its antioxidant property
-It helps to slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood because it rich in soluble dietary fibers.
-it promotes iron absorption and protects from anemia.
-It promotes the thyroid gland function.
-It improves the brain and nerve function because
 of its B-complex content.
-It removes the infertility problems because it contains good amount of folates.
-It improves the vision with its vitamin A content.
-It prevent the heart dieases because its contain twice the amount of lycopene present in tomatoes.
-Scurvy the vitamin C defeciency can be cured with its high content of vitamin C.
-It enhance the immunity system of the body. 
-It is very good for skin because of its vitamin E content.
-Guavas are good source of manganese that acts as an enzyme activator utilizing nutrients like thiamine,biotin and ascorbic acid.
-It prevent aging.
Guavas can be eaten in the form of raw,guava juice,jam ,jelly,fruit salads,candies,marmalads . Add this fruit your daily diet for healthy long life.



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