Mudra For Reducing Blood Cholesterol and obesity(surya mudra)


           Mudras are hand gestures ,that are important for curing diseases in ancient Indian culture. Mudras are said to work on the balance of the five elements of the body. This mudra increases the fire element in the body.Surya Mudra is very effective for reducing  cholesterol and body weight.Surya means sun. Sun is the source of energy.Surya Mudra attracts the energy of the sun.
Steps to be practice
1.Sit straight on the yoga mat.
2.Hold your both hands out in front of you.
3.Fold the ring finger of both hands and touch the bottom of the thump finger.
4.Press the thump gently with ring finger.
5.Keep the remaining fingers straight as shown in the figure.
6.Breathing should be normal.
7.Do it for 8 to 12 minutes .
8.Conscenrate wholly on mudra.

Benefits of this mudra
1.It reduces the blood cholesterol.
2.It helps to reduce the body weight.
3.It helps to cure the digestive problems.
4.It enhances the thyroid function.
5.It helps to relieve the anxiety and mental depression.
6.It can also be used to treat common colds and respiratory problems.
7.It is very good for heart diseases.
8.It helps to improve the blood circulation.
This mudra can be done at any time.



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