The  natural ,delicious ,oval shaped .fuzzy, highly nutritious,  brown colored fruits which measures the size of large hen’s egg. Its flesh is soft, juicy,emerald green with rows of tiny black ,edible seeds.This fruit texture is similar to strawberry . Flavour resembles a blend of strawberry, apple and pine apple fruits.another name of this fruit is chine gooseberry or sunny peach.Kiwi is  the national fruit of china.Kiwis were brought to New zealand from china.It is a commercial crop in several countries like new Zealand , Italy, Chile ,France, japan and USA.It contains numerous amount of           phyto nutrients , vitamins and is the excellent source of water soluble antioxidant vitamin C.very good source of vitamin A,E,K , flavonoids,potassium ,manganese, iron ,magnesium,        antioxidants such as beta carotene,lutein, xanthin and  high content of dietary fiber.                     
– It prevent the coronary heart diseases because it contains  Omega 3 fatty acids like alpha linolenicacid.
– It regulates the heart rate ,and reduce the high blood pressure with its high content of potassium.
– To protect and repair the body from DNA damage with its numerous amount of phyto nutrients.
– keeping the blood sugar level of diabetic patient under control with its dietary fiber ,trivalent chromium content.
-It protects against muscular  degeneration.
-t boost the immune system of the body.
-It enhance the energy levels of body.
-It helps to keep hair ,skin, teeth,nails healthy with its zinc, content.
– It helps for fluid maintenance in the body.
-Taking 1 -2 fruits a day can reduce the blood clots ,and triglycerides and total cholesterol,
-It protect against cancer because of its antioxidant property.
-It helps to produce the red blood cells because of its folic acid content.
-It will help to heal the wounds quickly.
-It will help to incease the iron absorption.
-It prevents constipation.
– It will protecting ,against wrinkling of skin ,hair fall ,colon cancer ,muscular degeneration of of the retina in the eyes,memory loss,weakness of the bones ,alzheimer disease,  osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,asthma ,diabetic ,atherosclerosis ,etc.
-It reduce the risk of autism and developmental disorders in children.
Take this delicious and highly nutritious fruit in the form of  juice ,fruit salads,jams jellies,fresh fruit,add with some desserts for healthy life.


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