Insomnia is an inability to get sleep.Insomnia can occur at any stage.But it is particularly occur in elderly. Which can lead to so many problems like fear,stress,anxiety.mental tension,work problems.Financial problems,memory problems ,psychiatric problems,illness of the body,noise,medication side effects,over eating at bed time,drinking caffeine, and environmental cause etc.

Accupressure points to be pressed for insomnia.
 DU-20 (or) GV-20 ,H-7, UB- 62.
These points should be pressed with your thump for 1 minute in the manner of press and release for getting relief from insomnia.
DU-20(or) GV-20(Governing vessel meridian)

DU 20

This point is located on the top of the head.(middle head).Place the finger at the top of the each ear and draw an imaginary line upward,it is located where your two fingers converge.

H-7(Heart meridian)
 It is located in the wrist crease,in the line with the little finger ,as shown in the figure.


H 7

UB-62 (Urinary Bladder meridian)
This point is located in the leg depression of the inferior margin of the lateral malleolus.

UB 62


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