The natural isotonic, highly nutritious ,most refreshing ,electrolytic and sweet beverage consumed worldwide for its nutritious and health benefits .Tender coconuts are getting from coconut trees .The coconuts palms are grown abundantly along the cost of tropical environment .The scientific name of the tree is cocos nucifera .Coconut tree is called the ” Tree of life” for its miraculous healing properties and usefulness. It is one of the most useful  species of plant life known to man.   Tender coconut is the liquid endosperm is the most nutritious and whole some beverage.Tender coconut water is packed with 
sugars ,bioactive enzymes ,electrolytes , aminoacids , fatty acids ,vitamins like B complex such as riboflavin ,niacin ,thiamin ,phyridoxine ,and vitamin C antioxidants ,folates ,minerals like potassinum ,calcium ,iron ,mangnese ,megnesium  ,and zinc.
It is more nutritious than whole milk .It contains less sodium than any other energy drink .Tender coconut water is used as the universal donor making it identical to human blood plasma .Tender coconut  water is very good for jaundice ,urinary diseases ,urinary stones ,pimples ,measles ,heat boils ,sunburn ,itching ,diabetes ,cancer ,peptic ulcers ,nausea ,vomiting and liver diseases .It has been used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea ,dysentery ,cholera ,and the electrolytic balance of the plasma. The osmolarity of the tender coconut is slightly greater than that of WHO recommended ORS(oral rehydration solution ). Tender coconut water is excellent drink for old and sick people.It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases ,stroke , hypertension and kidney diseases because of it contains more amount of potassium and less amount of sodium.It lowers the blood cholesterol ,and helps to increase the body metabolism.It has an anti aging ,anti carsinogenic and anti thrombotic effects because it contains cytokinins . It has anti bacterial and anti viral property .It considered to be very safe drink for children ,pregnant and lactating women .It is  a quick energy booster.Fresh tender coconuts are readily available in the markets in tropical countries year around. Have this highly nutritious natural health drink daily for your healthy life.



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