The delicious and highly


nutritious Feijoa fruit is also known as pineapple guava ,guavasteen and fig guava.Botanical name  of this fruit is Feijoa Sellowiane.The feijoa was first cultivated in the wilds of southern Brazil in 1815 by German botanist Freidrich sellow .Feijoa is an evergreen ,perinneial  small tree .It produces an attractive red flowers in spring seasons .The fruits are oval shaped and green color with a whitish bloom . The length of this fruit is approximately 20 mm to 80 mm .The fruit has sweet and aromatic flavour .The skin is thin and inedible and encloses with a whitish layer of granullor flesh and contains 20 to 30 very small seeds. Pulp of the fruit is eaten by scooping it out from within the skin .
   Feijoas are excellent source of fiber ,iodine  and potassium .Good sources of vitamin Bcomplex ,vitamin  C and K,folic acid ,amino acids ,flavonoids and manganese .
– It prevents cancers and inhibiting the growth of tumors .
– It prevents the cardiovascular diseases.
-It lowers the blood cholesterol .
-It regulates the blood pressure .
-It induces a better function of the intestine .
-It is helps to formation of red blood cells .
– It promotes the function of thyroid gland .
– It balances the body PH level.
– It helps to improve the body immunity against common cold and    seasonal allergies .
-It removes the constipation .
– It regulates the blood sugar levels .
– It protects the kidney and improves the kidney function .
– It helps for blood coagulation.
– It is good for nerve function.
– It helps to maintain the body weight.
– It maintains the healthy metabolism of the body .
  Feijoas can be eaten in the  form of  raw , adding  cakes ,ice creams ,yogurt ,cookies , Feijoa wine , feijoa gin  ,fruit juice and fruit salads.Add this highly nutritious and heathy fruit to your daily diet.



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