Calendula officinalis is a  natural and attractive flower plant used to make medicine . It is commonly referred to as marigold .This is an annual herb from asteraceae family .Calendula species have been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs . It has been used traditionally for abdominal cramps and constipation.These flower petals are edible .This can be used fresh in salads .Dried flowers are used to color cheese or as a replacement  for saffron.A yellow dye has been extracted  from this  flowers..Calendula extracts have been antiviral ,anti genotoxic and anti inflammatory porperties.Calendula tincture is used to topically for treating acne ,reducing inflammation ,controlling bleeding ,treating wounds ,varicose vein ,inflammation of rectum ,hemorriods  etc  .Calendula oil is still used as an anti – inflammatory,anti tumor agent and a remedy for healing wounds .It contains carotenoids ,flavonoids and essential oil .Calendula oinment , calendula after shave lotion , calendula face cream ,calendula oil , calendula soap , calendula baby cream , calendula skin cream ,foot care cream ,bath gel ,hydrating facial lotion  these products  are available in the market .In homeopathic medicinal system ,mother tincture is prepared from calendulla and is using to treat many diseases .



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