GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE (sugar destroyer)

Gymnema is a perennial,medicinal and woody climbing shrub native to tropical forest of 

 India and Africa . The leaves are used to make medicines.Gymnema has a long history of use in India’s Ayurvedic system of medicine and homeopathic system of medicine. Another name of this climber is gurmar,vishani,madhunushini. Gurmar in hindi means destroyer of sugar.The plant is stomachic,stimulant,laxative,diuretic and anti diabetic.It possess anti microbial,anti hyper cholesterolemic,hepatoprotetive,anti inflammatory and sweet suppressing activities.The chemical constituents of Gymnema includes gymnema saponins, gymnemic acid, tartratric acid,gurmarin,calcium oxalate ,glucose,stigma sterol,betaine ,insosital,choline.Gymnemic acid form Gymnema sylvestre has antidiabetic properties which reduce the blood sugar considerably.



– It  boost your insulin secretion.
-It promotes degeneration of beta cells in the pancrease.
– It inhibits the glucose absorption from intestine .                           
– It increases the utilization of glucose .
– It helps to normalize the blood sugar levels.
-It is very useful for cough ,malaria and insect bites.
-It is very helpful for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
-It lowers the serum cholesterol ,and triglycerids .
-It supports the normal appetite levels. 
-It prevents cardiovascular diseases,heart attacks and stroke.
-It helps to reduce the body weight .
-It activates the uterus.
-It stimulates the circulatory system ,
-It helps to reduce the gastric problems.


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