This plant is a shrub ,tinged with purple colored stem ,flowers are yellow colors ,blooms in the evening .Botanical name of this plant is abutilon indicum .Tamil name of this plant is thuthi .English name of this plant is country mallow and flowering maples .It belongs to malvaccae family .It is used in ayurveda ,folk medicines ,siddha unani and tibetian medicine system.It is distributed throughout the hotter parts of the India  It is very easy to grow and maintain .This plant survives for about six months .Thuthikkeerai is well kown in tamil home remedy for constipation .Fresh green leaves can be cooked with green gram dhal ,chillies , garlic and ghee.This preparation is taken with rice regularly


 to cure constipation and haemorrhoids .It is well known remedy for diseases of gums and can be used as a mouthwash .It is used to treat acne ,cold ,fever ,lung ailments ,tuberculosis ,bronchitis ,urinary track infections and tooth pain as a home remedy .The whole plant is used as a natural cure for various diseases .This plant contain several compounds such as phenolics ,terpenoids ,flavanoids ,pigments ,vitamin A ,C and E that have been associated with protection from chronic diseases such as heart diseases ,cancer ,diabetes ,hypertension as well as other medicinal remedy for jaundice ,piles ,ulcers ,headaches ,gonorrhea ,gout and leprosy .This plant possess analgestic activity ,anti fungal activity ,anti microbial activity and hepato protection activity ,It stimulate the intestinal secretions .It helps for safe and quick pregnancy .The flowers are used to increase semen in men .



  1. You need to put comma/dot and then the space not the other way around.

    Wrong statement: I am a human .I like apples ,oranges ,etc.
    Correct statement: I am a human. I like apples, oranges, etc.


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