A wonderful ,delicious,highly nutritious ,dark colored and edible fruits are having a lot of medicinal properties.Black berries are about 2 inches height and 3-4 cm breadth.It looks like a raspberry.Black berries are perennial plant .It grows wild in many parts of the world during the warm months.The small and dark black berries are popular ingredient in pies,tarts,jellies,jams and wine. Mexico is the leading producer of black berries.It composes of juicy pulp with a single seed in it.This fruits contain several nutrients like vitamin B,vitamin C,vitamin K,potassium,iron,calcium,dietary fiber,tannin,water,pectin,phyto chemicals like poly phenols ,flavonoids,anthocyanins,salicylic acid and ellagic acids.Anthocyanins are responsible for their dark color.

-It promotes digestive health.
-It fight against cancer.
-It reduce uric acid levels in the blood and prevents gout.
-It lowers the LDL cholesterol because of its pectin and soluble            
-It fight against cold because of its vitamin C content.
-It reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.
-It helps to maintain the good memory.
-It is good alert for brain.
-It helps in coagulation of blood because of its vitamin K content.
-It helps to remove the constipation.
-It promotes the healthy tightening of tissue.
-It control diabetes.
-It helps to strengthen the bones.
-It helps to remove the acne and wrinkles in the skin.
-The leaves of this fruit also have medicinal properties using as a   
  mouth wash,anti diabetic, over bleeding in menstrual 
  period,diarrhoea and dysentery.    
-Oils from this seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids,omega 6 fatty 
  acids,protein,dietary fiber,carotenoids, ellagictannis and ellagic 




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