A wonderful ,world healthiest ,edible ,green vegetable spinach is a flowering plant in the family of amaranthaceae. Spinach is an annual plant which grows up to 30 cm height .It may survive over winter in temperate regions .It is native to central and south Western Asia .Binomial name of this plant is spinach oleracea.Now the united states and the Netherlands are among the largest commercial producers of spinach .It is available in the market year around .Spinach has a high nutritive value and rich in phytonutrients.It contains nutrients like potassium ,folic acid  ,iron ,calcium,copper ,selenium ,magnesium ,manganese ,zinc ,omega 3 fatty acids ,niacin ,phosphorous ,dietary fiber ,vitamin A ,vitamin B2 , vitamin B6 ,vitamin C ,vitamin E ,vitamin K,beta carotene phyto nutrients like,luetin ,neoxanthin and violaxathin .
– Glycoglycerolipds found in the spinach can help to protect the lining of the digestive tract from the damage.
 – It protect against prostate cancer because its high content of epoxyxanthophylls ,flavonoids with its anti cancer property.
– It protects eyes from cataract age related muscular degeneration .
– It promotes the synthesis of osteocalin and protect against bone damage .
 – It helps for good digestion and prevent constipation because it contains a dietary fiber.
 – It helps to maintain the normal blood sugar levels .
 – Potassium within the spinach helps to reduce the high blood pressure and regulate the heart rate .
 – It protects diseases like stroke ,atherosclerosis ,cardio vascular diseases .
 -It helps to reduce the body weight because it is having low calories .
 -It helps to remove the alzheimers  diseases by limiting neuronal damage in the brain .
 -It protects red blood cells and help to form the red blood cells .
 -It regulate the growth and development of the body .


  This is a versatile food .It can be eaten raw in the salad ,sandwich ,soup ,pastas and cooked dishes .Regular consumption of spinach in the diet help to prevent osteoporosis ,anemia ,cancers and cardiovascular diseases.



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