Dengue fever is caused by dengue virus that are transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes .The  bite of Aedes mosquitoes during the day time can cause a result dengue  fever .Dengue fever is also known as a break bone fever .The symptoms  of dengue fever such as headache ,fever ,vomiting ,severe joint and muscle pain ,swollen of lymph glands ,rashes in the skin ,bleeding gums ,black stools ,liver enlargement ,restlessness ,lethargic  feeling ,abdominal pain ,low levels of platelets  in the blood .Dengue fever is prevalent throughout the tropical and subtropical areas .
Nilavembu is a medicinal herb native to  India and Srilanka capable of curing and preventing dengue fever .Botanical name of this plant is andrographis paniculatais .Popularly known in English, Creat and kariyat .Extremely bitter taste in all parts of the plant.It is also a called king of bitters .It grows to a height of 30 -110 cm in moist and shady places .This plant is having small flowers and yellow seeds .It can be found in variety of habitats ,such as hill sides ,coastline ,and distributed with cultivated areas such road sides ,farm and wastelands .  It is a versatile medicinal herb known for its many positive uses for human health  .It is a effective antibiotic ,antiviral ,anti parasitic and immune system stimulant .It is used in siddha ,ayurveda ,traditional and other alternative medicines .Research studies shows that nilavembu can cure and prevent the 64 types of fevers that has been classified and categorised in siddha literature .It is an effective and antiviral ,traditional medicine .In India union health ministry ,Tamil Nadu government ,siddha and allopathic doctors are also recommended to take nilavembu syrup for curing dengue fever.Most of the people benefited from this medicine.Nilavembu syrup is now available in the market .This syrup is very effective for malaria fever ,chikungunya , dengue fever ,cancers and digestive problems.


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