The sinuses are hollow and air filled spaces in the skull ,that is behind the fore head ,nasal bones ,cheeks and eyes. That are called paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the sinus passages caused by pathogenic microorganism like virus ,bacteria or fungal infection .Any infection of nasal passages that cause it to swell can affect the opening of the sinuses. If the opening is blocked air and mucus secretions collect and cause pressure on the sinus cavity walls .If the nasal passages are swollen extending to the bone of the sinuses ,air can not enter that cavity and a vacuum is created .This causes the mucus membranes to be tugged away from the bones they line and produce pain .Humans have 4 pair of the sinus cavities .

1. Frontal sinus ( in fore head )
2. Maxillary sinus ( behind cheeks )
3. Ethmoid  sinus ( between the eyes )
4. Sphenoid sinus ( deep behind the ethmoids )
The cells of the inner linning of each sinus are mucus secreting cells ,epithelial cells and some cells that are part of immune system .
Acute sinusitis symptoms  are present up to 4 weeks .Headache ,fever ,bad breath , stuffy nose  ,nasal discharge ,sore throat fatigue ,pain behind the the eyes ,ear pain ,toothache ,tenderness of the face ,loss of smell ,cough often and worse at night  these are the symptoms present during the acute sinusitis  problem.Chronic sinusitis symptoms are present more than 3 months  .Cold ,high fever along with thick and dark nasal discharge,cough  and severe headache these are the symptoms presents during  the chronic sinusitis problem .
 Deviated nasal septum ,nasal polyps ,allergic rhinitis ,colds and over usage of nasal steroids that may cause sinusitis problem .
Auyurvedic remedy for sinusitis 
 Take cephagraine ayurvedic  tablets  with  cephagraine nasal drops for one week to 10 days to curing sinusitis problem . This is safe and no side effects .
 Take 4 tablets daily  in the  morning  and night after food .Pour 2 drops of cephagraine nasal drops to each nastril early in the morning with empty stomach .You can use ayurvedic rasanadi tailam ( oil )
for taking  head bath  to get cure  from  sinusitis problem .Apply this oil on your head and leave it for 1 hour after that you can take bath with hot water .You can use this oil  for regular head bath. This will help you to cure the sinusitis .


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