Liver is the most important and largest organ in the body .The liver is located on the right side of the abdomen ,just below the rib cage .Functions of the liver  are,  breaking down the harmful substances ,digesting food ,absorbing nutrients ,removing waste products ,eliminating the toxin from the blood ,and moderating the chemical levels in the body .There are many kinds of liver diseases .The liver disease is also called hepatic disease.Liver problems are caused by excessive and regular in take of medicines and  drugs , poisons ,virus infections like hepatitis A ,B,C,D and E  , taking too much of alcohol, cancer and liver cirrhosis .
Symptoms of he liver diseases 
  1. Indigestion 2. Nausea 3. Vomiting 4. Constipation 5. Deficit of fat soluble vitamins like A,D ,E and K 6. Intolerance to fatty foods 7. Abdominal bloating 8.Anger and irritability 9. Headache (migraine headache with nausea ) 10.Depression 11. Hyper cholesterolemia 12. High blood pressure 13. heart attacks 14 .Stroke 15. weight gain  and inability to lose weight even while dieting  16.lipomas and other fatty tumors  17. sluggish metabolism 18. pot belly 19.fatty liver 20. too low levels of lipids .21.poor concentration and foggy brain .
Herbal remedy for liver diseases


 Phyllanthus niruri is herbal and medicinal plant used in ayurveda since 2000 years .This herb is very useful for curing liver diseases .
Take approx.10 -15 grams leaves of this plant ,wash it well and eat it in the empty stomach for 30 days .Name of this plant is in other languages are keela nelli  in tamil, niruri  in English , nila nelli  in kannada , nela usiri in telugu , bhumbi amla  in sanskrit .In ayurveda it is called as bhumyamalaki .keezha nelli powder and capsules are available in the herbal stores .You can use this for getting cure and preventing  liver diseases .
Name of the medicine:
Liv- 52 is a excellent  herbal combination medicine for liver diseases.Take 2 -3 tablets thrice a day for 30 days .It is available in the herbal medicals .
Homeopathic remedy for liver diseases
 Name of the medicine :


 Chelidonium -Q(mother tinture) is prepared from chelidonium majus plant  .Take 5 -10 drops of  chelidonum -Q with half a cup of boiled and cool water and stir it well and then have it  twice a day up to 3-4 weeks (OR)Chelidonium – 30 ,3-4 globules thrice a day for 30 daysThis is a very best and safe medicine for liver diseases. 


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