Sea buck thorn berry is a small yellow and orange to red color berry with sour taste ,native to China ,Russia and Mongolia .This fruit is also known throughout the world as sandthorn , sandorn ,and the wonder berry .The botanical name of this fruit is hippophae .They typically grow in dry ,sandy areas .It is also called ” holy fruit of  the Himalayas” . Sea buck thorn berry is rich in micro and macro nutrients .This fruit is richest source of vitamin C .( 300 – 1600 mg / 100 g ) which is 4 – 100 times higher than any other vegetable and fruit .More than 200 clinical and scientific studies shown that this fruit contains 190 nutrients ,vitamin B1 ,B2 ,C ,D, K and P ,omega 3 ,omega 6 ,omega 7 and omega 9 essential fatty acids , 42 lipids ,60 anti oxidants ,17 amino acids , 20 mineral elements ,organic acids ,folic acid ,flavonoids , carotenoids ,phenols ,terpenes and tannin.Sea buck thorn berry  fruit  has  lot of medicinal properties.It was used in China for over 12 centuries as a medicine ,respiratory problems ,stomach disorders and good blood circulation. In China many drugs have been developed from this fruit .This fruit  is used in jam ,jellies ,juice ,sports drinks ,ice creams ,cosmetics and medicines . Sea buck thorn juice and oil is highly nutritious .Sea buck thorn oil is approved for clinical use in hospitals in Russia and China .Studies proved that 
– It enhances the immunity power of the body .
– It promotes healthy skin and hair .
– It supports the healthy cardiovascular system.
– It will helps the healthy digestion .
– It enhances the eye health for better vision.
– It fight against cell damaging free radicals  and prevent cancer .
– It helps to relieves sore joints and prevent  joint pains  .
– It providing anti aging  benefits .
– It supports healthy cell reproduction and cell rejuvenation .
– It promotes healthy urogenital lining .
– It support proper brain and nerve function .
– It supports growth and development  of the body .
– It removes fatigue and promotes stamina .
– It regulates the emotions because naturally it contains “Serotonin ” 
   a neuro transmitter that helps to regulate emotions .
– It has an anti inflammatory property .
– It regulates the blood sugar levels .
– Sea buck thorn oil is very effective for cuts ,burns ,any kind of skin damage


and for glowing skins .



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