Chromium is an essential trace mineral that plays an important  role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism .It has a glucose tolerance factor and it helps the body cells properly respond to insulin .There are two main forms  of chromium one is trivalent chromium ,and another one is hexavalent chromium .Trivalent chromium is found in the foods and it is used by our body .Many research  shows that 
– Chromium helps in activation of several enzymes that are necessary for carving out various metabolic processes.
– It enhances the production of fatty acids and HDL cholesterol.
– It helps to prevents the hearts diseases and type 2 diabetese .
– It helps to maintain the normal total chlesterol levels .
– Deficiency of chromium may lead to the symptoms of insullin resistance .
-It helps the carbohydrates and fat metabolism.

– Chromium is involved in nucleic acid metabolism .Nucleic acids are building blocks of DNA the genetic material found in every cell .
– It has a glucose tolerance factor because  it plays a vital role in        controlling blood sugar levels .
As per the national institute of health ,the adequate in take of chromium is recommended for adults is 20 to 35 mcg (micro grams )per day .Studies have found low levels of chromium leads to type 2 diabetes. 
Chromium rich food stuffs 
 Turkey chicken ,sweet potato, corn ,whole grains ,meat ,sea foods ,brewers yeast ,tomato ,broccoli ,onion,garlic ,fresh chilies ,mushrooms ,green pepper ,apple ,banana ,egg,cheese and wine .


Chromium rich foods in take is more safe than chromium supplement .



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