Highly nutritious and delicious peanuts are grown under the ground .Peanuts are not nuts , actually it belongs  to the legume family .The world largest peanut producer  is china . Peanuts are cultivating world wide.Peanuts are free from sodium ,and have very low glycemic index .Peanuts contains lot of nutrients like floate ,niacin ,manganese ,zinc ,copper ,selenium ,phosphorus , calcium ,protein ,dietary fiber ,vitamin ,E , B,and D, ,arginine ,monounsaturated fats ,resveratrol ,tryptopan .antioxidants such as oleic acid,and phyto chemicals .Peanuts can be eaten as a raw ,dryroasted ,boild ,salted ,peanut cakes ,peanut candy bar and peanut brittle.It is a healthy snack. Eating  with dried fruits also very tasty .It has numerous health benefits .Many research studies shows that ,
– It helps to improve the memory power because of its niacin content .
– It promotes healthy bones and teeth because it contains calcium and vitamin D .
– It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases  ,because it rich in monounsaturated fatty acids  like olelic acid .
– It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol .
– It lowers the risk of weight gain .
– It protect against cancer because it contains a phytosterol  and resveratrol .
– It reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and gall bladder stones.
– It helps the  growth and development of the body  because it is rich in protein  and amino acids .
– It is good for constipation because it contains dietary fiber.


– It promotes good digestion .
– It helps the production of serotonin because it is a good source of tryptopan .serotonin gives anti depression effect.
 Eating peanuts a regular part of once diet is good for health .
Consumption of small amount of peanuts are good for health,because it contains more energy.



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