Curry leaves are very essential ingredient which are added for flavoring to curries ,stews ,soups ,legumes ,pickles .butter milk ,rasam ,sambar ,chutneys and other vegetable dishes  in south Indian cooking .It is a small tree or shrub that grows to about 6 m  height and it is cultivated all most all regions in India. The native of the plant is India and Srilanka .The dark green aromatic leaves are slightly bitter taste .It is commonly known as curry leaves and kadipatta .Botanical name of this plant is murraya koenigii .Because of its medicinal and curative properties it is used  in ayurveda for the treatment of various disorders .
 Curry leaves are rich in calcium ,iron ,folic acid ,phosphorous ,vitamin A ,B,C ,and E,dietary fiber ,antioxidants and carbazole alkaloids .
– It stimulate the digestive enzymes , helps to break down the food                                                                   more  easily and helps to remove the digestive disorders .
– It controls the blood sugar levels and prevents type 2 diabetes .
– It controls diarrhoea  because  it contains carbazole alkaloids .
–  It  can helps to maintain eye sight and preventing cataract because it is rich in vitamin A .
– It prevents premature graying of hair and promotes hair growth .
– It helps in absorption of iron because of its vitamin C , folic acid content.
– It  helps to improve the immune system .
– It is used to treat bruises and skin eruptions.
– It is used to treat morning sickness ,nausea and vomiting .
– It used for external application , insect stings and bites poisonous creatures .
  – It helps to reduce the body weight .
– It helps to control the total cholesterol levels and it lowers the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol .
– It prevents the growth of damaging  harmful free radicals  from the body and prevent cancer because of its anti oxidant property .
– It helps to improve the  blood circulation.
– It regulates the bowel movements because of its fiber content .
– It protects the liver.
 It has an anti inflammatory ,anti diabetic and anti oxidant properties.



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