Now a days type 2 diabetes is being a common disease .We should check our blood sugar level periodically after 35 years .Main causes of type 2  diabetes is lack of exercise , intake of high calories  food and being a over weight .Type 2  diabetes is reversible  one .For that you have to take low calories ,fiber rich and nutritious diet .Following diet will help the type 2 diabetes patients get reversible .
You should fallow this diet for 10 to 14 days this  diet will surely bring blood sugars normal and get reversed from type 2 diabetes.
                                     DIET CHART
6 o clock          – Chew 2 leaves of insulin plant with empty stomach

6.30 AM            -1 glass of lime juice  add with 2 ml of honey                    
                            prepare with hot water) or 1 cup of  green tea  or                                                                                                  
                            hibiscus tea  (or) 100 ml of skimmed milk  
                                             ( without sugar )
8 o clock        –  1 cup of oats porridge with one cup of boiled mixed                  vegetables .( beans ,cluster beans ,broad beans ,bitter gourd,ivy gourd,spinach ,drumstick leaves ,ladies finger ,banana flower ,banana stem )4 pieces of walnuts(or)almonds.
11 o clock –  1 cup of tomato juice or 1 cup of orange juice   ( or ) 1 cup of carrot juice ( without sugar ) (or) 1 cup of butter milk  with 30 grams of germinated peas .

Lunch 12:30  –  small size chapatis – 2  with  1 cup of  vegetable    salads( cucumber ,onion ,radish ,cabbage ,celery ) with guava fruit     or kiwi fruit or apple ( 50 grams ) 

4 o clock  – 1 cup of tea ( prepared with skimmed milk,without sugar )with 30 grams of boiled chana .

Dinner 7:30 PM  – 2 idlis with coriander chutny  ( or ) garlic chutny  ( or) curry leaves chutny  ( or ) small onion chutnuy .( use only olive oil ) with one small piece of papaya (or)4-5 numbers of  jamun fruits (or)30 grams of grapes(or)2 pieces of dates. 

10 o clock  – 100 ml of skimmed milk ( without sugar )



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