Acupressure is a very effective system of Chinese medicine .The results of this system is almost miraculous  . Acupressure is a safe ,natural and very effective method to induce labour pain for pregnant women .Painless ,drug free 

normal vaginal child birth is  possible for all women .Acupressure antenatal care for pregnant women helps to  prepare the body for a normal child birth .Acupressure points are pressed to help,to soften the cervix ,relax the muscles and tendons ,and to calm the mind . Pressing acupressure points before 3-4 weeks of women due date will help the pain less normal child birth.

.Points to be pressed
  SP6 ( Spleen meridian )

SP-6 (acupressure point)

 SP6 is located on the inside of your leg ,just above your ankle .Locate the highest peak of the ankle with the help of fingers ,4 fingers width up your leg in the tibia bone .Press this point with your thump ,in the press and release manner up-to 14 to 21 times or 1 minute till due date .You should press this point during the 9th month of pregnancy or 3 to 4 weeks before the due date . This will help you surely painless normal delivery. (Note ; you should not press this point on early stage of pregnancy )
Pressing this point will help to cure the menstrual problems  and improve the general health in young women .


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