Highly nutritious ,delicious , dark red  and edible vegetable is a small herbaceous plants with dark green leaves ,growing under ground .Botanical name of this beet root is Beta vulgaris. There are some verities in beet root such as
Red color ,orange color ,yellow color and white color .Beet roots being naturally colorful  and bright red color  because the pigment betacyanin is present in it .Beet roots  make an excellent and healthful garnish for artistic presentation of a meal . The deep red beet roots can be cooked ,boiled , baked  as vegetable , for preparing sweets,sidedishes and using them as raw for salads , juice etc. 
.It is packed with lot of nutrients .Beet roots contains vitamins like vitamin A ,vitamin B complex and vitamin C ,minerals like calcium ,iron ,magnesium .sodium ,phosphorus ,folic acid ,boron ,nitrates ,oxalic acid ,carbohydrates ,protein ,soluble dietary fiber ,beta carotene ,trytopan ,betacyanin and flavonoids .Drinking of beet root juice 
 – Increases the blood flow to the brain and able to fight the progression of dementia in aged people because it contains nitrates .
– Beet roots contains high amount boron ,which is very helpful to the production of human sex hormones .
– It is a very good tonic for liver and gallbladder .
– It  relax the blood vessels ,lowers the blood pressure , fight against the heart diseases and stroke .
-It helps to cure the digestive problems .
– It also contain trytopan which relaxes the mind and creating a sense of well being .
– Because of its folic acid  content ,it is very helpful for DNA synthesis with in the cells .
– Raw oxalic acid found in beet roots is known to be a good solvent of inorganic calcium deposit in the body .
– It protects against cancer ., because it is rich in anti oxidant and phytochemical compound glycline betanine .
– It is very helpful for pregnant  women ,for tissue growth and proper development of baby spinal cord .
– It is a good source of carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin ,it is very beneficial to the eye health  especially retina .
– It enhances the  energy and stamina .
– It boost the immune system and fight against inflammation of the body .
– It helps to reduce the body weight because it contains low calories. 
 – It gives anti aging effects .
Add this highly nutritious vegetable on your regular diet .


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