Thick ,long and lustrous hair is one of the most visible trade marks of a beautiful women .After 30 years on wards the hair growth starts slowing down due to many reasons . Hair loss is a loss of hair from the head ,Hair loss affects both men and women due to some reasons like hormonal imbalances ,genetics ,under active of thyroid gland ,vitamin deficiency ,anemia ,menopause period ,taking some medicines for birth control ,anticoagulants ,antidepressants ,antacids ,cancer treatment ,illness  and poor nutrition .
Natural home remedy                                                      
Method 1
 Red onion juice ,potato juice ,egg white ,coconut milk , olive oil ,and amla juice .
Take all these ingredients in a same quantity ,mix it well  and then apply this mixture on your scalf  and leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with mild shampoo .These ingredients contain protein ,essential fatty acids ,sulphur ,zink ,selenium ,potassium ,iodine ,and phosphorus .This will  help in the formation new hair and it reduces the hair shedding and breakage . 
Method 2
Ingredients for preparing hair oil
coconut oil – 200 ml ,hibiscus flower 5-6 numbers ,and some amount of curry leaves .
Take same amount  hibiscus flower and curry leaves add to the coconut oil and boil it for some times  for preparing hair oil .Cool it and then filter it and keep it in the safe container. Daily apply this oil on your hair as a hair oil .
Hibiscus flower is called flower of hair care and curry leaves are also very good for hair growth .This will enhances the hair growth ,thickens the hair  and prevent hair loss and premature graying of hair .
Method 3
Massage with vitamin E oil and leave it for over night and then wash off with mild shampoo .It helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp ,and it is having essential fatty acids .
This will also help you to prevent hair loss and hair growth.
Take balanced diet ,protein  rich foods like pluses ,fish ,milk and milk products , nuts ,greens ,fruits and vegetables . 
Method 4
 Arnica montana ,Joborandi oils are very good for hair growth .These
two oils are homeopathic medicated oils .These oils  are  very powerful and miraculous oils for hair growth .This is available at homeopathic medicals .
Please follow the above said methods for long ,thick and luster hair.


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