” Uttana” means raised ” Padha ” means foot .This is raised position of the foot .Hence it is called uttana padhasana .
Steps to do for this Asana 
 – Lie on the back with legs and arms straight  ,feet together .
– Keep your hands by your side palms facing the ground and touching the sides of the body .
– While inhaling gradually raise the both  legs  together to 30 degree ,60 degrees and then 90 degrees ,pausing slightly at each angle without bending the knees .
– At the 90  degree position raise the toes upwards while body lies on the ground from head to coccyx .
– Maintain this posture for sometime and then while exhaling ,slowly come back to the lying position .
– Do it same for 3 to 5 times .


Benefits of this Asana 
– This asana strengthen the abdominal muscles  and intestinal organs .
– It reduces the belly .
– It helps to cure the nerve weakness ,constipation and indigestion .
– It helps to cure hernia  due to weak spot in the lower abdominal muscles .
– This asana is very good for back pain .
– It strengthens the spinal card .
– It cures the disorders of pancreas and improve the functions of the pancreas .
This asana is very simple and having more benefits .Please practice regularly this wonderful  and easy asana for healthy living .


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