Steps to do


 – Sit in vajrasana, or padmasana keep  the spine and the neck straight.
– Close your eyes gently and inhale , raising both hands above the head .
– Join the two palms in namaskar mudra .
– Elbows should be straight and hands stretched upwards .
– Breathing should be normal .
– Stay this position for some seconds .
– And return to normal position while exhaling .
– Repeat this for 4 to 5 times .
Benefits of this asana
 – It gives natural massage to the heart and lungs .
–  It is very useful in relieving the lumbar pains ,back pain ,shoulder pain ,knee pain  and ankle pain .
 – It helps to relieve all digestive problems .
– It helps to strengthen the thighs and legs .
– This asana pulls up all the abdominal ,pelvic and side muscles .
– It stretches the spine and ribs .
– It is very good for varicose vein problem .


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