The word “nauka “means boat in sanskrit .This asana pose is resembles like a boat so it is called naukasana .
Steps to do for naukasana 
– Lie down straight on the abdomen with fore head resting on the floor .
– Keep the legs together and hand extended forward on the floor .
– While inhaling ,raise the hand ,head ,neck ,shoulders ,trunk ,and legs simultaneously as high as possible .
– Keep the legs straight without folding knees ,
– Keep the hands straight without folding elbows .
– Balance the full body weight on the stomach or navel .
– Stay in this position for some seconds .
– While exhaling come to the normal position .
– Repeat this for 2 to 3 times .
Benefits of this asana 
– It improves , stimulate and regulate the functions of pancreas ,kidney ,liver and lungs .
– It relieves the body stiffness and back pain .
-It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscle and reduce the abdomen .
– It helps to cure the constipation .
– It helps to relieve the digestive problems .
– This is very good for prostate gland and thyroid gland .
– Spine attains flexibility with regular practice .
– Muscles of the back ,abdomen ,the lower limps ,neck and shoulders ,hip ,thighs  ,knees and  arms  become stronger .
– It is very useful in disturbed navel .
 Please avoid people those who are suffering from blood pressure and hernia .


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