Menstrual problems are one of the most common and extremely worrying problem among female .A menstrual disorder is an irregular condition in a woman”s menstrual cycle .That are reasons like physical and psychological factors contribute to the women menstrual disorders .The ovaries start to produce female hormones in girls around puberty which cause changes to the lining of the uterus .Every month during this period the lining of uterus is shed together with some blood .Normal menstrual cycle is start time between 28 days to 35 days .During this menstrual period bleeding will occur for 3 to 5 days .Menstruation occur during the age of 11 to 14 years ,it continues until the age 51 .
 Menstrual problems are amenorrhoea ,dysmenorrhoea ,menorrhagia .Amenorrhoea means absence of periods for 3 months ,due to malfunctioning of thyroid gland ,pituitary gland ,problems with ovaries ,uterus ,vagina ,low body weight ,stress  ,depression ,taking contraceptive pills .Anti psychotic drugs ,chronic illness ,premature menopause ,hormonal imbalances ,polycystic syndrome . Dysmenorrhoea means painful periods .It is caused by fibroids ,endometrosis ,pelvic inflamation ,using intra uterine devices for contraception .Symptoms of this dysmenorrhoea are pain lower abdomen ,upper thighs ,cramps ,headache ,nausea ,vomiting ,constipation or diarrhoea .
Menorrhagia means heavy and long periods .Causes of this is hormonal imbalances ,fibroids ,small growth on the uterine wall ,polips ,endometriosis ,polycystic ovary syndrome ,thyroid disease ,infection ,kidney and liver disease ,using intra utrine devices .
 Premenstrual syndrome is group of  syndrome that start before the period ,It includes physical and psychological symptoms . The symptoms are headache ,constipation ,bloating feeling ,breast tenderness ,food carving ,less tolerance for noise and light ,fatigue ,feeling sadness ,,tension ,anxiety ,irritable ,aggressive behaviour ,loss sexual desire,mood swing ,poor judgment ,feeling guilty increased fears ,sleeping problems .These are problems faced by women .


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