Carbo vegtabills  is an homeopathic medicine from vegetable charcoal ,well known for its ability to absorb toxin in the body . It is shortly called carbo veg .Carbo veg is very great for  excess gas formation in your stomach ,indigestion ,heart burn ,bloating ,sour belching ,constipation ,cold , coughs ,itching throat ,loss of voice ,weak digestion ,toxicity ,negative emotions ,mood swing ,general weakness ,sudden collapse with cold limbs and skin ,ear tinnitus with dizziness ,over eating ,eating wrong combination of foods .fatigue .diarrhea ,,feeling weather with colds ,never well since effects of past illness and head aches .
 For the above symptoms you can take carbo veg 30 , 2 to 3 pills morning and night 30 minutes before food .You get immediate relief from stomach related problems .There is no side effects .This medicine is available at homeopathic medicals .


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