” Padha ” means the foot . “Hastha ” means hands .In this asana the hands are touching the foot .Hence it is called padha hasthasana .

Steps to do this asana 
– – Stand erect with the feet together the heels and big toes touching each other .
— Raise  your both hands above the head and keep the hands straight .
— Slowly bend forward and without bending legs .
— Keeps the both hands palms on the floor by the sides of the feet .
— Move the head down and touch the knees with your head .
— Keep the legs straight and should not bend your knees 
— Breathing should be normal ,
— Stay in this position for some seconds .
— Repeat this for 5 to 6 times .

Benefits of this asana 

–It is very helpful for gastric problems .
— It strengthen the stomach muscles and all abdominal organs will toned  by this asana .
— It activates the liver ,kidney ,spleen and pancreas ,
— Slipped discs can be adjusted by this asana .
— It is also prevent the diabetes .
— It improves the digestion .


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