Coffee is one of the most popular and healthiest drinks in the world You can take coffee as a cold or hot  .The majority of the recent  research studies  suggests that moderate amount of coffee consumption is good for your health .Many people still seems to think that coffee is unhealthy drink .Coffee is packed with some nutrients like thiamine B1,riboflavin B2,niacin B3 ,pantogenic acid B5 ,potassium ,manganese and massive amount of antioxidants .Brazil is the top producer of coffee in the world .
– Moderate amount of consumption of coffee drastically reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes .Type 2 diabetes is a life style related disease ,it is characterised by the high blood glucose levels  due to the insulin resistance or an inability to produce sufficient amount of insulin from pancreas .
– The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine .It alleviate the headaches ,improves mood and functions of the brain .
– It can also enhances the physical activity .
– Coffee lowers the risk of alzheimers disease ,dementia and parkinson”s disease .
– Coffee protect the liver from certain liver dis orders and lowering the risk of liver cancer .
– Coffee gives stimulant effect on the central nervous system ,it raises the metabolism and increase the oxidation of fatty acids .
– Coffee lowers the risk of death by all causes .
Take 1 to 2 cups of coffee daily  is good for your health .Better to avoid coffee , people those who are having high blood pressure ,thyroid problem ,suffer from anxiety ,and ulcer .


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