An inflammation in the protective lining of the stomach  is called gastritis .It is one of the most common disorder .There are two types of gastritis .1. Acute gastritis 2. Chronic gastritis .Acute gastritis involves sudden and severe inflammation.Chronic gastritis involves long term inflammation that can last for years ,if left untreated .Erosive gastritis typically does not  cause much inflammation but can lead to bleeding and ulcers in the lining of the stomach .
 Acute gastritis  is due to  long term use of such medicines like aspirin ,phenylbutazone ,ibuprofen ,alcohol  and cocaine .It may lead to chronic ulcer  if not treated .The most common cause is helicobacter pylori ,a bacterium that infects the lining of the stomach through contaminated food and water .It is usually passed from person to person .Having a thin or damaged stomach lining raises your risk for gastritis .Being a older also a risk for gastritis ,the stomach lining thins naturally with age also .
Symptoms of gastritis 
The common symptoms for gastritis are 
– Indigestion 
– Heart burn 
– Felling burning sensation in the stomach 
– Loss of appetite 
-Abdomen pain 
– Abdominal bloating 
– Nausea and vomiting 
– Block stools
– Low hemoglobin levels 
– Frequent motion 


– Diarrheoa 
– Vomiting of blood 
– General weakness 
Gastritis should be treated properly .if not treated ,bleeding in your stomach as well as ulcers .It can increase the risk of developing stomach cancer .If you have gastritis caused by drugs avoiding those drugs may enough to relieve your symptoms .As a result of H.pylori is treated with antibiotics or natural herbal medicines that kill the bacteria .
Homeopathic remedy for gastritis 
 Name of the medicine .
1. Sulphur – 30 
. 2  .nuxvomica -30        3 . carboveg – 30


Before taking these two homeopathyic medicines you should take one dose sulphur 3 to 4 pills in the morning .And then next day you can take nuxvomica at night – 30 at night 3 to 4 pills ,carboveg -30 in the morning 3 to 4 pills ,30 minutes before food for 2 to 3 weeks .
After a week you should take sulphur in the morning and then you continue the same medicines .This is very effective medicines for treating gastritis .
Natural remedy for gastritis 
Food items for killing H.pylori bacteria


bitter gourd juice ,neem leaves juice , Sundaikkai powder ,curry leaves juice take these foods in the empty stomach in the morning that will help you to kill the H.pylori bacteria .
Tender coconut ,fenugreek seeds , fenugreek greens ,honey ,pomegranote , papaya ,banana , coconut milk , pudina juice ,butter milk ,manaththakkali keerai ,manaththakkali fruit  ,cabbage juice ,white pumpkin juice and apple , these foods also help you to cure gastritis .  coffee ,tea , lemon juice ,orange juice ,hot foods, spicy foods ,fried foods may also increase the risk of gastritis .Better to avoid such foods .


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