Cephalandra indica is a climbing shrub with white flowers .All parts of the plant exhibits pharmacological activities and treating various human ailments .Commonly this plant is called ivy gourd .The botanical name of this plant is cephalandra indica noudin .In English it  is called  as scarlet fruit gourd ,in tamil it called as kovaikkai ,in Hindi kundru ,tindu ,parval .Cephalandra indica is used as a vegetable and widely grown  in throughout the India .The native of this climber is tropical area of Africa and Asia .


 It is one of the tremendous  and wonderful climber plant  ,this plant has also  been used in ayurveda ,homeopathy ,siddha and unnai in an alternative system of Indian medicine .It has lots of actions against a various kind of diseases .The stems ,leaves ,roots and fruits all goes to making medicinal extract .This medicinal extract of this plant have some pharmacological activities  like anti inflammatory ,anti oxidant ,antibacterial ,anti diabetic ,anti protozoal , anti ulcer ,hepatoprotective ,expectorants and analgesis

The nutrient compound of this plant  

 Glycosides ,carbohydrates ,fix oils ,proteins ,aminoacids , beta carotene , iron ,calssium ,potassium ,vitamin A ,vitamin C ,saponnins ,tannins ,phytosterol ,alkaloids ,phenolic compounds ,flavonoids ,gum and mucilage .
Because of this pharmacalogical activities this plant medicine is used for controlling diabetes ,kidney  problems ,skin problems ,digestive problems ,constipation ,sexually transmitted diseases ,for curing simple gout ,coughs ,mouth sores and blood urea problems ,
The mother tinctures are available at homeopathic medicals (Cephalandra indica -Q )


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