” Tri” means three,’ Kona’ means angle. ‘  This standing asana is the extended triangle pose .so it called trikonasana.
Steps to do 
– Stand erect with the feet ,three feet wide apart .
– Stretch the arms to the sides to be in line with the shoulders .
– Keep the palm facing the ground .
– Bend slowly to the left and touch the ground behind the left foot with left hand .
– Bend the neck slightly to the right and touch to the right shoulder ,and the eyes should see the right hand fingers .
– Stretch the right arm above ,the right and left arms should be perpendicular to the gourd .
– While doing this positions breathing shloud be normal .
– Stand up again and perform the same movement to the left side .
– This asana can be done for 10 to 20 seconds 4 to 5 times can be done on each side .
Benefits of this asana 
 – This will help to increase eye coordination and improves the vision .
– This asana gives very good lateral movements to the spine .
– This asana tone ups the spinal nerves and abdominal organs .
– It helps to improve the digestive power .
– It helps to remove the the constipation .
– This will help to lengthens the legs and corrects the flat feet .
– Those who are suffer from shortening of legs due fracture of hip or thigh bone or bones of the leg will be benefited by this asana .


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