Walking is a very great way to improve and maintain your overall health . Walking is the simple ,very good  and best exercise, any body can do this exercise with free of cost . Walking 40 to 60  minutes a day ,five days a week will reduce the health risks and have various overall health benefits .Walking regularly at good speed improves muscle strength and endurance .
– walking briskly for up to 40 to 60 minutes can help to prevent and control the high blood pressure .
– It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and help to manage the normal blood sugar levels in diabetic patients .
– It reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke .
– Walking lower the LDL ( Low Density Lipo protein )that is bad cholesterol and increase the HDL ( High Density Lipo protein ) that is good cholesterol .
– Regular walking can prevent and reduce the risk of dementia .
–  It will improve the memory power and  brain function .
– It helps to reduce the risk of arthritis and helps to maintain healthy joints .
– It helps to strengthen your bones and boost your vitamin D levels .
– It increases the blood circulation and increase oxygen supply to each and every cell in your body .
– It gives you better posture and over all fitness .
– A good and regular walk can help to strengthen your muscles and body .
– It slows down the aging process .
– It makes you happy and feel relaxed .
– It helps to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression .
– It helps reduce the mortality and improves the life expectancy .
– It helps to the proper functioning of endocrine glands like thyroid gland ,pituitary gland ,pancreas .
– It helps to improves the nerve system and reduce the risk neuropathy 
– It helps to release the accumulation of gas in the body .
Walking is best exercise for maintaining over all health .


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