Corn is a delicious ,  the most popular food grain and have originated from Mexico and central America .Corn is available in different colors like red ,brown ,blue ,yellow ,and purple color . It is rich in nutrients which are extremely beneficial to our health it contains,Vitamins like A  ,C ,E ,B1 ( thiamine ) ,B6 ( niacin )   ,dietary fiber ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,manganese ,zinc ,iron ,selenium ,copper ,potassium ,sodium , folates ,protein ,phytochemicals and antioxidants .
– Corn is high in dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber .It helps to reduce the absorption of  cholesterol  in the blood .
 It helps to reduce the irritable bowel syndrome ,diarrhea ,constipation,hemorrhoids  and colon cancer .
 –  Corn is a good source of pantothenic acid ,vitamin B1 ,and protein ,it will prevent psychological disorders  by supporting the functions of brain and adrenal glands .
–  It helps to strengthen the connective tissue in the body because of its manganese content .
– Yellow kernals of corn contains carotinoids which reduce the risk of macular degeneration and supporting better vision .
 –  It contains high amount of carbohydrates which provide more energy  and also ensure proper functioning of the nervous system and brain ,it is also helpful for carbohydrates deficiency.
– It prevents type 2 diabetes and helps to manage the normal sugar levels  in non insulin dependent diabetes .
–  It prevents and cures anemia because it contains B12 ,folic acid ,and iron  significant amount which are essential for formation of new blood cells .
– It prevents hypertension and regulates the blood pressure because of its potassium content .
-Corn is good source of phenolic compounds ,ferulic acid which is is effective in fighting tumors in the breast and liver .
– Corn contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps to prevent heart diseases  and stroke .
– It prevents the growth of cancer cells  because of its lutein ,zeanxanthin ,ferulic acid (the natural antioxidant ).
– Folic acid present in the corn known to prevent neural tube birth defects .
– Corn silk or corn hair is also used in herbal medicines for treating kidney stones ,urinary tract and urinary bladder problems .
– Corn hair will helps to reduce  gout ,arthritis,blood pressure , blood sugar levels in diabetes patients .
-Corn is used in the form of corn flakes,corn oil,corn rava,corn flour,pop corn etc.


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