Strongly pungent and aromatic ajwain seeds are one of the common and popular spice found in India and middle East Asia. The scientific name of  these seeds are  trachysperm copticum. This plant is small and annual herb which grows up to 2 to 3 feet height. This seeds are olive green to brown in color. It has similar appearance with cumin seeds. These seeds smell like thyme as it contains thymol and essential oil.  Tese are having many health benefits ,because of that the seeds have been used  long in traditional systems of  Indian medicines like ayurveda, unani, herbal and home remedies. It contains vitamins like thyamine,  riboflavine, niacin, minerals like calcium, phosphorus,iron,protein,dietary fiber, carbohydrates, essential oil , antioxidants and thymol.
– It is very effective in stomach problems like indigestion, flatulence, nausea and relieve colic pain in babies because of thymol, a effective chemical present in it.
– It is very helpful for pregnant and  lactating women for their digestion, good circulation, reducing inflammation and improve the production of breast milk.
– It cures hiccups instantly.
– It keeps the heart healthy, improves the nerve impulse and over all circulation.
– It helps to get rid of rhematic and arthritic pain due its anti inflammatory and anesthetic property .
– It is very good for  relieving coughs and asthma ,the thymol present in its is a local anesthetic ,anti bacterial ,and anti fungal  agent,it helps to relieve congestion due to formation of phelem even in severe cases .
– It helps to improves the total vitality of the body .
– Apply this paste on your head for relieving migraine headache .
– It  relieves tooth ache ,earache and sore throat ,hoarseness of voice and pharyngitis .
– It prevents bad breath .
– It enhances the appetite .
– It enhances the kidney and liver function .
– This seeds are added to the breads ,biscuits ,snacks ,soups ,sauces  , some food items ,and flavoring drinks .
In tamil it is called omam .This omam water is very good for digestive problems .Traditionally this water is used for all digestive problems  in many Indian households .


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