Watercress is a semi aquatic and aquatic perennial herb usually grows in the banks of slow running streams and rivers in Asia ,America and Europe .It is a oldest leafy vegetable consumed by man . Botanical name of this watercress is Nastuytium officinals .It is a medicinal herb and having many therapeutic values .It has a strong  ,pungent and peppery taste , it is  only added to juices ,salads and other ingredients 
The high content of iodine in watercress will prevent and cure thyroid deficiency .  It prevent and cures goiter and it will relieve the symptoms of hypothyroidism .For hypothyroidism you can take this watercress juice or salads which will help the hypothyroid patients to get cure this deficiency .This  is very good and excellent herb for hypothyroidism .Not only this but also it is having amazing health benefits .
Watercress is rich in vitamin A ,B complex ,C ,and k ,soluble dietary fiber ,folates ,betacarotene ,calcium ,phosphorous ,iron ,iodine ,potassium and antioxidants .
– It is very good for treating various types of anemia because its iron and folates  content .
– It lowers the risk of cancer and prevent premature aging because of its antioxidants .
– It helps to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from intestine .It is very useful for diabetic patients .It prevents and treat high blood sugar because of its high content of soluble dietary fiber .
–  It is very helpful to treat chronic bronchitis because of its sulphur glycosides content .
– It helps to maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth.
– It has an aphrodisiac effect because of its zinc and iron content .
– It helps to improve the digestive functions .
– It helps to prevent the DNA damage to blood cells .
–  Application of watercress juice on your scalp is very helpful  to treat  dandruff and prevent hair loss .
– It is very great for eye health because of its vitamin A content ,lutein ,zeaxanthin and antioxidants property .
– It is very helpful for relieving eczema and other skin problems .
– Chewing watercress makes strong  teeth and cures bleeding gums .
– It is very helpful for blood coagulation because of its excellent source of vitamin K .
– It enhances the fertility and  breast milk .
– It is very helpful for enlargement of prostate gland or hydrocele .
– It helps to reduce the heart problems and cholesterol .
This herb is available at Chinese herbal stores .



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