Needed ingredients 
 1 , Thuthuvalai greens – 75 grams
2 . Black gram dhal – 10 grams 
3 . cumin seeds  – 10 grams 
4 . Dosa batter  –  7 cups 
5 . Green chillies – 2 
6 . ghee – one teaspoon 
7 . Salt to taste 
Method of preparation 
– First clean and wash the thuthuvalai greens .
– Fry the thuthuvalai greens and green chillies  with ghee .
-Add cumin seeds and black gram dhal with fried thuthuvalai and chillies ,grind it well with the help of mixer .
– Add this grinded ingredients to the dosa batter .
– Mix it well  
 – Add some salt to taste .
– Prepare a dosa with this mixture .
This is very excellent and very good  food for asthma patients .It improves the digestive power ,and  it helps to cure cough ,cold ,and asthma . it improves the immunity power .Thuthuvalai is  a medicinal herb . It is used in Indian alternative system of medicines and home remedies  as well as using for preparing food .


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