A delicious and highly nutritious dates are cultivated in many countries and used as a staple food for thousands of years .The botanical name of the date is phoenix dactylifera .Dates are one of the very best  ,sweet and versatile foods .Dates packed with lot of nutrients like iron ,folates ,copper ,selenium ,protein carbohydrates ,magnesium ,manganese ,vitamin A ,vitamin B 1 ,B 2 ,B 3 ,B 5 ,B 6 ,vitamin K ,23 types of amino acids ,carotenoids ,flavonoids ,anti oxidants ,zinc ,potassium ,aluminum, ,chromium ,nickel ,lead ,strontium ,cobalt ,arsanic ,barium ,fructose , glucose .,linolenic acid ,linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid .

– It fight against the constipation because of its high dietary fiber content ,which helps  to move  waste smoothly through your colon .
– It helps to improve the hemoglobin levels and maintain the balance of oxygen  in the blood , because of its iron and folate content . 
– It helps to regulates the heart beat and blood pressure because of its high content of potassium .
– It helps to prevent the night blindness ,and eye related problems because it contains a vitamin A .
– It helps to prevent colon cancer ,mouth cancer ,breast cancer , ,lung cancer ,uterus cancer  and pancreatic cancer because of its carcinogenic properties and anti oxidants .
– It fights against aging because of its antioxidants .
– Because of its high content of sugars ,it provide more calories .
– It helps to keep healthy hair ,healthy skin and healthy muscles ,because of its vitamins and mineral content .
– It helps to control diarrhea because of its potassium content .
 – It helps to regulate the kidney function .
– It helps to regulate the thyroid function because of its selenium content .
– It helps to prevent  the type 2 diabetes because of its chromium content .
– It helps to prevent heart diseases and stroke .
– It helps to prevent the  absorption of LDL cholesterol 
– It is commonly used as a remedy for alchololic intoxication .
– It boost your nervous system because of its B complex content .
– It helps to increase the sexual endurance and reducing sterility caused by various sexual disorders .
– It helps to regulate the digestive process .
– It helps for blood coagulation because of its vitamin K content .
This fruit is popularly used in and around the world include  raw and dried dates ,date paste ,date vinegar ,bakery products ,date syrups and fruit salads .Add your daily diet such a wonderful ,delicious  and highly nutritious fruit .


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