Asthma is a disease that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow ,leading to wheezing ,cough ,tightness in chest ,chest pain and shortness of breath .The lining of the air passages swells and the muscles surrounding in the air ways become tight .This reduces the amount of air that can pass through air ways .
Common asthma triggers are 
– Dust mites ,pet animals hair ,- Cold weather  – mold  – pollen grains  – common cold  – stress  –  strain – tobacco smoke – some people have a personal family history of allergies .
Common symptoms of asthma 
– cough – wheezing  – shortness of breath ,-  severe symptoms like drowsiness  – confusion  – rapid pulse rate  – chest pain  – sweating  – tightness in chest  – decreased level of consciousness  – anxiety due to short breath .

Homeopathic remedy 
 Homeopathy treats the person as a whole . Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which tries to cure diseases instead of trying to provide symptomatic relief . 
Following homeopathic medicines have been found very effective and cures  in many cases of asthma .
Blatta orientalis Q 
This is very good medicine to cure asthma . This will give immediate relief from severe asthma symptoms , This very good for asthma associated bronchitis and cough. It is mostly suitable for obese person with asthma complaint .It is available in homeopathic medicals .
morning  and Night 
8 to 10 drops with 30 ml of boiled and cooled water .30 minutes before taking food for 10 days .
Justicia adhatoda 
Violent cough with tough expectoration ,tightness of chest great fear of suffocation ,cough associated with vomiting .This also very good medicine in homeopathy to cure asthma . 
Justicia adhatoda – 30 
morning  afternoon and night    thrice  a day .
3 to 4 pills  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks .
This very best medicine for asthma symptoms like sudden wheezing with suffocation and heaviness in the chest ,difficult in coughing ,sweating ,nausea ,worse from movements .
Ipecacuna  – 30 
morning afternoon and night      thrice a day .
3 to 4 pills  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks .
Antimonium tartaricum 
 Asthma symptoms with bronchitis ,cough and chest pain .This very suitable  medicine for above symptoms with asthma .
Antimonium tartaricum -30 
3 to 4 pills thrice day  30 minutes before taking food for 2 weeks .


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