Yoga mudras are set of hand gestures that help to balance the five elements within the human body .Mudras are very effective literal remote control switches  bring miraculous and  permanent changes including physical ,mental and spiritual changes in the human body .Mudras can bring changes in  endocrine glands ,veins ,tendons and sense organs in the human body .Regular and constant practice of mudras can stop destructive changes in the body .Prithvi mudra  is very effective mudra for relieving all digestive problems .
 – Sit in sukha asana or padmasana in the mat .
 – Bend your ring finger and press it gently against the tip of the thump .
– The rest of the 3 fingers should be pointing straight .
-Hold this position for 10 to 15 minutes .
– Do this mudra  on both hands at the same time .
– Breathing should be normal .
Benefits of this mudra 
– This mudra helps to balance 5 elements with in the body .
– It helps to cure all digestive problems .
– It helps to increase the body strength .
– It helps to  remove  the fatigue .
– It helps to increase the self confidence .
– It helps to improve the liver function .



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