Theobroma cacao tree is a small ever green tree ,that grows 4 to 8 meters height belongs to malvaceae family from the tropical regions of central and south america .The generic name is derived from the Greek for ” food of the Gods “.  “Thoes ” means God ,Broma means food .Now a days this trees are grown in plantations in many tropical countries . A tree begins to bear fruit when it is 4 or 5 years old . The cacao tree produces clusters of pod shaped fruits that contains seeds or beans .The seeds are used to make cocoa powder ,as well as chocolates .
Health benefits of raw cocoa powder 

Many researches shows that raw cocoa powder has lot of health benefits .Raw cocoa powder contains many essential nutrients and minerals  that support your body health .It contains iron ,calcium ,zinc ,sulphur ,potassium copper ,chromium ,manganese ,pantogenic acid ,vitamin A ,vitamin B1 ,B2 ,B3 vitamin C and vitamin E ,protein ,beta carotene ,lysine ,flovonoids ,antioxidants ,and alkanoids .
– Dopamine present in the cocoa powder help to release endorphins in the brain which produces a happy feeling ,mood elevation ,alertness , focus and anti depression effect .
– Chromium present in the raw cocoa powder helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels .
– It improves the blood circulation ,prevent blood clotting and protect the heart from heart diseases .
– It helps to regulate the blood pressure and heart rate .
– It helps to lowers the cholesterol and helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
-It helps to prevent heart attacks and stroke .
– It is also contains seratonin which helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS .
– The caffine in cocoa powder can protect your skin against skin damage and skin cancer .
– It has a potency to improve the kidney and liver function .
– It helps to prevent alzheimers diseases .
– It helps to relieve the stress.
– It helps to reduce the body weight because it is having low calories .
– It improves the metabolism .
– It helps for healthy digestion and prevent constipation because of its fiber content .
-It helps to prevent aging .
– It helps to prevent from cancer .
Raw cocoa powder is used in backed foods ,chocolates ,coffee ,and flavoured drinks .



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