Justicia adhatoda is a medicinal plant native to Asia ,widely used in Indian system of alternative medicines like ayurveda ,unnai ,homeopathy and folk medicines  . It is a shrub with lance shaped leaves 10 to 15 Centimeters  in length .This leaves are bitter in taste and contains carotene ,vitamin C ,essential oils ,sedative property ,expectorant ,antispasmodic ,antiseptic ,antielmintic , crystaline ,oroxylin ,alkaloids vaicinine,vasicinone ,adhatodic acid , and pectin .  Leaves ,roots ,flowers ,and stem of this plant is used for medicine .
– Leaves extract of adhatoda  have been used for respiratory disorders and bronchial ailments.
– It helps to relax the tracheal muscles and prevents bronchospasm caused by histamines .
– It supports respiratory system and bronchial function .
– It can be used to control bleeding both internal and external .
– It will help to cure sore throat ,cough and cold .
– It is also exerts a mucolytic ,muco regulatory and expectorant action by loosening the phlegm and making the cough more productive in expelling mucus .
– It can be used to treat tuberculosis .
– It can be used to treat wounds and minor injuries .
– It can be used  to treat in bleeding gums ,fissures and hemorrhages.     
– It helps to treat peptic ulcer because of its antiulcer activity . 
– It is used to treat  asthma ,whooping cough and bronchities .
-It helps to treat diarrhea and dysentery .
– It helps to prevent liver damage .


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