Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin with antioxidant property .The most active form of vitamin E is alpha tocopherol . Tocopherols are very important for keeping us healthy and young .Our body needs  daily 15 mg to 22 mg vitamin E for proper functioning of the body . We can get this much  amount  of vitamin E from our diet .  
Causes of vitamin E deficiency 
-Mal -absorption of fat 
– Neurological disorders 
– Low birth weight 

                                  – under nourished diet 
symptoms of vitamin E deficiency 

In children

– Delayed growth 
– speech disorders 
– liver disease 
– neurological dis orders 
– lack of muscle co -ordination 
– muscle weakness 
– problem in eye movement 
–  drooping upper eye lids  
– Loss of vibration and position senses 
– Loss of weight 
– poor eating habits 
In adults 
– mild anemia 
– neurological defects 
– infertility both men and women 
– Destruction of RBC 
– Age spots 
– Cataract formation in the eyes 
– Liver function  ,bone marrow function   ,brain  function and muscles abnormalities .
– Gastrointestinal disease 
– hair falling ,dry hair 
– slow tissue healing 
  – muscle weakness 
– leg cramps 
– degeneration of neurons 
– Enlarged prostate 
– impotency 
– decreased circulation of blood 
– Retinopathy 
Benefits of this vitamin

– It acts as a natural diuretic and helps to maintain the skin .
– It prevents cancers ,cardiovascular diseases ,cataracts and heals and reduces the wounds and  scars.
– It is very helpful in alzheimers disease ,eczema ,angina pectoris ,cataracts ,diabetes ,high cholesterol ,fibrocystic breast disease ,menopause ,menorrhagia ,infertility both men and women ,osteoarthritis ,sensitivity to bright light ,rheumatoid arthritis ,yellow nail syndrome ,neurological disorders and anemia .
The most commonly  recommended  supplement dose of vitamin E for adults is 400 mg or IU per day .
Source of vitamin  E 
– Sesame seeds ,sunflower seeds ,pumpkin seeds ,almonds ,olive seeds are excellent source of vitamin E .


– Egg yolks ,soya bean ,whole grains ,spinach ,avocado ,corn oil ,peanuts ,canola ,what germ oil ,fish these are the fair sources of vitamin E .





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